May 5, 2020

By Al Ortiz

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. That's the name of the game for a lot of people amid the coronavirus pandemic. That's also the name of the game for the Houston Texans who are making preparations for the 2020 season - and the modifications that may come with it. The Houston Texans plan to hire a facility hygiene coordinator, according to the Sports Business Journal. The employee will "run coronavirus risk mitigation" throughout the team's facilities. This is the "first known case of a major U.S. pro sports team hiring a dedicated industrial hygiene expert."

There is still no timeline for the restart of the 2019-2020 NBA season, but there is optimism. According to ESPN, "an overwhelming majority of high-level officials'' believe NBA basketball will return - in some form - but that "the pathway remains cluttered." NBA commissioner Adam Silver has "repeatedly told teams" the NBA is determined to crown a champion. There is no shortage of ideas on how that is done, but a decision needs to be made as the clock ticks. 

The New York Post is reporting that if current Houston Rockets Head Coach Mike D'Antoni does indeed leave before next season, the team might already have its sights set on a replacement. The Rockets "will have strong interest," in former Bulls and Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau if that situation comes to fruition. D'Antoni is in the last year of his contract with Houston. There have been no talks on an extension. 

There's a new baseball stadium in town - in Arlington, specifically. But new doesn't always mean better, especially if there are player concerns right off the bat. Excuse the pun. Texas Rangers Outfield Joey Gallo expressed those concerns to a pool of reporters recently, describing his batting practice in the new stadium. According to Gallo, center field seems to be a bit of a problem. He stated: “It’s a little deep in center. The hitters are a little nervous about that.” More on that story as it develops.