May 14, 2020

By Al Ortiz

 More developments on MLB's proposal to start an 82 game season in early July, as the league presented the plan to the Players Association on Tuesday. The hours-long meeting to begin the 2020 campaign amid the coronavirus pandemic outlined the overall logistical plan, but according to ESPN, did not include economic components like player compensation. More reports are stating that a good part of the meeting also included COVID-19 testing protocols, including contact tracing and hypothetical response procedures. According to reports, negotiations on the plan could take up to two weeks for the plan to be finalized. Mancave Minute will keep an eye out for more developments.

Dribbling over to the NBA - the association is also in talks to restart its interrupted 2020 season, and according to NBC Sports, those talks are picking up serious steam. The league's board of governors had what was termed a "positive" call with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver an the NBA Players Association on Tuesday. The league plans to make a decision on resumed play in the next two to four weeks. The NBA is considering multiple plans, including a "campus environment" scenario where all teams gather at a few sights to play out the rest of the season.