May 20, 2020

By Al Ortiz

Today is a light news day, with more of a retrospective feel. With no sports being played, that's what we have to work with. Let's get to it...

In the summer of 2000, Tim Duncan was a free agent weighing his options on which team he would play for in the foreseeable future. Two teams, the San Antonio Spurs, who he played for up to that point - obviously - and the Orlando Magic were his final options. Doc Rivers, the Magic coach at the time, stated recently in an interview that Duncan had informed him that he was intent on joining the Magic, but wanted to visit with Spurs Coach Greg Popovich and Center David Robinson as a respectful goodbye. That, along with an infamous story about not letting Duncan's girlfriend ride on the Magic team plane during the season, caused Duncan's sudden pivot back to the Spurs. It turned out to be the right choice as Duncan won five championships altogether during his Hall-of-Fame time in the Silver and Black. 

In Dallas Cowboys news, there's a new report circulating that in 2011, during a potential lockout for the NBA, LeBron James began training for a football career. The Cowboys reportedly then offered James a contract, one that now hangs in James' office, framed and polished. That contract never came to fruition as the NBA agreed on a collective bargaining agreement in time.