May 20, 2020

By Al Ortiz

 Governor Greg Abbott has practically reopened every aspect of Texas, with conditions, including components in the sports world. According to the Associated Press, the Texas Governor described the reopenings as the second phase in his plan to open the state up after shutting down "nonessential" businesses in response to the coronavirus pandemic. By June, youth sports and other camps will be allowed to open, and professional sports, including auto racing, golf, softball and tennis leagues, can apply with the state to host events without spectators. The order did not mention planning for college sports.

The Dak Contract saga continues! New details have surfaced around Dak's contract demands, according to multiple reports. Those reports have leaked that the fifth year quarterback is seeking another $45 million on top of what the Cowboys are already offering. Since the Cowboys are adamant about a five year contract instead of four - which has been holding up negotiations - the team must add the $45 million. Doing the math, Prescott is essentially asking for $37 million a year, for five years, compared to the Cowboys' $35 million offer for that same length of time. More details as this develops.

Sticking with the NFL, there is a new rule in place that involves general manager hirings. For context, the Houston Texans have tried to hire New England Patriots Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio - twice - to become their general manager. And twice, the Patriots have blocked their AFC counterparts from hiring him. That could change under a newly-passed rule that states that a team could not include a contract clause for an executive that would block an upward movement to another team. That is being called the "Nick Caserio rule" among NFL reporters.