June 23, 2020

By Al Ortiz

 It was previously reported that Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson is pushing for a relatively short contract extension. An NFL source has given more specifics, stating that the fourth-year signal caller is indeed asking for a three-year contract extension. The short terms of the contract are similar to the four-year extension Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott has been pushing for - a contentious point in negotiations with the Cowboys, who want their franchise QB to sign a five-year contract, reportedly. 

Speaking of Prescott, the fifth-year quarterback has now officially signed his franchise tender. Prescott signed on Monday, and will now focus on his own contract extension with his team before training camp begins. With the signing, Prescott is officially obligated to attend training camp, and if no extension is reached, he will reportedly earn $31 million under the franchise tag in 2020. 

Players on the University of Texas football team are calling for the end of the "Eyes of Texas" song, as previously reported. Now, over in College Station, Texas A&M Quarterback Kellen Mond is calling for the removal of the Lawrence "Sul" Ross statue on the A&M campus. Ross was a Confederate general, Texas governor and A&M president. There were a handful of protests over the weekend both for and against removal of the statue. 

Sticking with college athletics, but turning to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, colleges across the U.S. are preparing for sports in the upcoming school year, including in Texas. SMU is reportedly having its athletes sign waivers acknowledging the risks for the novel coronavirus if they are to participate in their respective sport. 

Finally, turning to baseball, where the MLB is reportedly set on playing a total of 60 games, shortening its season due to the coronavirus pandemic. The season will likely begin on July 24, but players need to approve a health-and-safety protocol, according to ESPN. Players also must pledge to arrive at home stadiums by July 1 to prepare for the season. Owners voted to approve the format on Monday. More details can be found on