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"Tejano Tuesday with Fonz" is your weekly dose of Tejano and so much more.  Whether you're Tejano, Chicano, or Mexicano;  Fonz has you covered!

In addition to the latest & greatest Tejano music you get your fix of Norteño, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and Latin Pop & Rock.  

Host, Fonz Peña  has over 10 years experience with Tejano music including running sound for Tejano & Spanish artists at Uvalde's world famous Lone Star Saloon and hosting a morning show on Uvalde's KUVA radio. 

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Rudy Trevino's Tejano Gold Countdown

Tuesdays 7 pm - 9 pm  

Tejano Tuesday Core Artists

A.J. Castillo

Chon Arauza

David  Bisbal

Elida Reyna y Avante


Erick y su Grupo Massore

Gary Hobbs


Isabel Marie

Jay Perez

Jesse & Joy

Joe Lopez y Grupo Mazz

La Calma

La Mafia

Los Palominos

Los Tigrillos

Pio Trevino y Majic


Ricky Naranjo y Los Gamblers

Stefani Montiel