February 17, 2021

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By Al Ortiz

 Some news out of the NBA - the San Antonio Spurs had three games on the docket in the near future. Now, they have zero games on the docket in the near future. And it's not because of the winter weather we have been experiencing lately. According to multiple reports, four Spurs players have tested positive for COVID-19, and are under contract tracing. As such, the Spurs do not have the league mandated 8 players to play a game. The Spurs' postponed games were Wednesday against Cleveland, Saturday against New York, and Monday against Indiana. The Spurs were in the middle of winning 5 of 6 games, which included a 2-0 start to their annual Rodeo Road Trip that coincides - or would have coincided - with the San Antonio Rodeo that usually uses the Spurs' AT&T Center home court for festivities. 

In Wednesday NBA games, the Houston Rockets have a game against the Philadelphia 76ers at 6:30 p.m. in Philly. The Rockets are 11-16, and are currently sliding on a six-game losing streak. 
SOME huge news out of the NFL - well huge enough to be news without anything even happening yet. An ESPN reporter assigned to the Carolina Panthers reported on Tuesday of rumblings around the Panthers' strong commitment to getting Texans QB Deshaun Watson on their roster. The Panthers, according to ESPN's David Newton, are allegedly willing to do whatever it takes to get Watson, including sending three first round picks, and all-world RB Christian McCaffrey. Watson is of course in the middle of a standoff with the Texans, with the QB making it clear he wants a one way ticket out of town via a trade to another team.